Ankrin Therapeutics enters BioInnovation Institute's Creation House programme and receives 10 M DKK funding

Ankrin Therapeutics has just become the fifth start-up to be accepted at BioInnovation Institute’s Creation House programme receiving a 10 M DKK convertible loan funding. The funding will be used to identify compounds disrupting essential protein-protein interactions involved in homologous recombination and to develop first-in-class anticancer drugs.

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Ankrin Therapeutics featured in Danish newspaper Berlingske

The Danish newspaper Berlingske has published an article about the blooming of Life Sciences start-ups in Denmark during the year 2018 featuring an interview with Ankrin Therapeutics' founder and CSO Professor Anja Groth.

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New study lead by Prof. Anja Groth, CSO and co-founder of Ankrin Therapeutics, has identified one of the main mechanisms behind the repair of serious damage to the human DNA

The work, published in Nature Cell Biology, focuses on BARD1, a ‘scanner’ inside the cells that decides whether or not so-called error-free DNA repair, which protects against cancer, is launched.

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